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  • Facial oil with lavender for greasy skin

Facial oil with lavender for greasy skin

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Ingredients: lavender oil and grape seed oil, safflower, jojoba and sea buckthorn.

Lavender oil preserves the skin healthy and supple. Lavender is famous for its lusciously relaxing scent. The specially selected oils from grape seed, safflower, jojoba and sea buckthorn are quickly absorbed and do not leave a greasy film and does not clog pores. This blend maintains normal skin and prevents the formation of acne.

Uses: Apply the oil with light massage movements on cleansed skin around the face and neck, in the morning and evening.

Caution: Avoid contact with eyes! Keep out of the reach of children! Not to be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers and people with individual lavender oil intolerance. Not for internal use!

Storage: in a dark and cool place at 7- 25 ° C

Packaging: glass bottle 30ml.

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