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  • Relax-Composition of 100% pure essential oils.

Relax-Composition of 100% pure essential oils.

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Packaging: 10 ml glass bottle.

Composition “Relax” includes uplifting and calming oils that stimulate a sense of deep peace and emotional prosperity, releasing the accumulated tension and stress. Restores balance and harmony in mind and body. The aromas leave you feeling relaxed and fresh.

When a person rests, constructive thoughts come at once! Get them!

Ingredients: essential oils of bergamot, mandarin, peppermint, cypress, orange, rosemary.


Aromatic lamp: 5.6 drops of composition “Relax” - restores balance and harmony in body and mind.

Aroma pendant:  1 drop-creates a sense of relaxation and freshness

Bath: 6.8 drops of composition “Relax” - removes tension and stress.

Aroma spray: 15-20 drops of ”Relax” in 250ml water-energizes, deodorizes, purifies the air- shake bottle and spray the room.

Enriching the shower gel: add 10.15 drops of composition “Relax” to 100 ml of shower gel.

Contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to these essential oils
Warning! Highly concentrated! Keep tightly sealed in a place without direct sunlight. Keep away from children!


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