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  • Star Aniseed - Illicium Verum Fruit- 100 % pure essential oil

Star Aniseed - Illicium Verum Fruit- 100 % pure essential oil

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Since ancient times, anise is used as a spice and flavor. The specific

Its aroma is due to the aromatic compound anethole. In India and some other countries,

anise is used as a mouth freshener. The useful properties of star anise are

known for centuries in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It has been proven that star anise

has powerful antibacterial properties. The oil is rich in antioxidants.

It increases the skin elasticity skin and regains its youthful appearance. Contains

substances such as Vitamin C, Linalool Acid, Chimic Acid, and Anethole.


How to use:

Massage: in 100 ml. base oil / almond, avocado, apricot, grape seed/ add 20 drops of star anise oil. After applying on the skin for 1-2 minutes, there is feeling tingling and cold.

Enriching Shampoo and Hair Mask: /Strengthens Hair, Anti Dandruff/ Add to a 100 ml shampoo or mask 10-15 drops of star anise.

Fatigue: in bad breath, for prophylaxis of 100 ml. water 3 drops butter butter aniseed.

Aromalamp: deodorizing-5.6 drops of star anise oil.

Aroma pendant: ​​1.2 drops of star anise oil.

Aroma spray: deodorizing - 15-20 drops of star anise oil in 250ml. water,

shake the vial and spray the room.


Attention! Highly concentrated! Store well closed in place without direct sunlight! Beware of children! Before use, test for sensitivity! If swallowed, rinse thoroughly with water.

Contraindicated for pregnant, nursing, children, people with an individual intolerance to star anise.

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